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Sharpening Info

Sharpening Info


Folding Knives

Single Bladed Knife:   3.00
Double Bladed Knife:   3.25
Triple Bladed Knife:   3.50
Serrated Edged Knife: 5.50


Fixed Blades

Hunting / Tactical Knife:   4.00
Serrated Edge Knife : 5.50
Knives of Alaska (Or similarly edged) knives:   10.00


Kitchen Knives

Plain Edge Kitchen Knife:   3.00
Serrated Kitchen Knife:   5.50
Kitchen Knife longer than 10":   4.00



(Depending on size and edge.): 5.00 to 6.00


Axes, Swords, and Machetes

(Prices vary based on size and edge.)


The Sharpening Experience

When getting your knife sharpened at the House of Blades there is a certain procedure that we follow to ensure the highest quality service we can provide. After being greeted by one of our sales associates you can simply ask to have your knife sharpened. Our sales associate will start to fill out our sharpening form. This form will require…

                1. The date
                2. Your name
                3. Your phone number
                4. The number of knives you are getting sharpened
                5. What kind of knives are getting sharpened

After our sales associate takes down all of that information they will inform you how much the charge will be and how long the wait will be until your knives are completed. They will then ask for your initials to make sure the number of knives is correct and will take your knife/knives to our sharpening room to await sharpening. At this point you may look around our store and pass the time while you wait. Sharpening usually takes about 3 minutes per blade you are getting sharpened. When your knives are ready we will either come find you around the store or we will give you a call, if you left the store, and simply inform you that your knives are ready for pick up.


What we do behind the scenes

When our sales associate takes your knives into our sharpening room they secure each one of your knives into their own separate clamps. These clamps help us to keep the same angle throughout the sharpening process. One at a time we then take your knives and lightly run them over our sharpening machine. This machine is a modified belt sander made specifically by the House of Blades for sharpening knives. We use a 220 grit sandpaper so as to not take off that much steel but still enough to bring back that factory razor edge. This process produces a burr on the edge of the blade that lets us know that the edge is sharp. We then change the belt from the sandpaper to a leather belt with jewelers rouge. This belt knocks off the burr and finishes the edge to a razor sharp edge. We then release the knives from the clamps and wipe them clean of any rouge. We close any folding knives and return all fixed blades to their sheaths. If they do not have a sheath then we wrap them in newspaper to ensure safe travel and then the sharpening process comes to an end with us bringing you back your knives.